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Grow your career in the tech industry with this Six IT certificates to boost your career. This certificates ranges for Cisco certified network associate, discover the credentials that will make you explore and leverage your opportunities. Get certified and ready to explore the future of IT.

With the rapid evolving technology phase, been able to state competitive in the IT industry requires a lot of skills and staying up to date with the latest trends happening in the industry. One of the most effective way to showcase your expertise and build your career prospect in the IT industry is by getting certified with the relevant certifications. Been certified by those relevant IT certificates validates your knowledge, shows your seriousness to learning and provides an edge over others when varying for specific positions or jobs. 

Below are some well explored best IT certifications that can eventually boost your career.

CompTIA A+

CompTIA is a computing technology industry Association with over $5 trillion global information technology ecosystem who are into educating, training, certifications, market research and lot more. These organisation focuses on promoting the growth in the IT industry through developing of a highly skilled personnel and workforce. An organisation which leverage IT skills in promoting and creating an environment where innovation happens and the opportunities and benefits made through technology.

CompTIA also have a certified partner program established around the world with thousands of jobs corps centres, academic institute and other organisation with the aim of education, certifying and training individuals looking forward in boosting their IT resume.

Why choose CompTIA

The CompTIA A+ certification is another certificate that will eventually set you on point for those looking to explore the IT world. This certificate is designed to seal and validate IT skills, the CompTIA A+ certification covers networking, software, hardware and troubleshooting. It terms of relevancy it is highly recommended as it showcases a candidate ability to work with different technologies. Be it that you are looking for a data entry-level job or to go fully into the IT world, CompTIA A+ eventually is an added boost to your resume.

CompTIA has four IT certification modules that have different test standards, these standard ranges from entry level to expert.


These training series covers IT related topics and covers a general understanding in the concept of technology and best practices

CompTIA A+

For those starting up their IT career the CompTIA + series certify you foundational IT skills which ranges across different devices and operating system.

CompTIA Network +

This CompTIA modules certifies all essential skills confidently needed in design, configuring and managing a wired device and a wireless device.

Recommended option for the different CompTIA training module to boost your IT Skills is the CompTIA A+


Cisco is an IT leading organisation Technology Innovation. Which offers leading technology portfolios, with networking, security, cloud management and a lot more, a company founded in the year 1984. Ever since its establishment it has been making positive impact in the world through its innovations.

For those seeking to boost their IT certification the CCNA certification from cisco is a must have. These certification covers a lot of topics in networking which includes topics on routing and switching, network security and wireless networking. Networking is said to be one of the major existence of the internet as it links up with different small networks to form a larger network. With the evolvement of technology, networking as become a critical aspect in the IT industry, individuals certified by CCNA are currently in high demand across the IT industry.


Certified Information System Security Professionals (CISSP) is an independent security system certified program issued by the international System Security Consortium with 159 million member currently certified by the organisation.

With the internet becoming complex everyday increasing threats in the cyber space becomes more complex thus cyber security in of paramount. The CISSP certificate is a global recognised certificate which demonstrate your proficiency in implementing, managing and designing cyber security programs. These certification covers a wide range of topics, making it one of the best choice for security personnel and managers.

Project Management professional (PMP)

The project management professional certification is a globally recognised certification granted by the Project Management by the project management institute which ranges from different project management modules such as Agile, Spiral, iterated water fall model and lot more.

Project management is very much important with the ever evolving technology phases the world in currently going through. The PMP Certification showcases your project management skills and makes you stand out in the means of other in the IT industry.

Amazon Web Services Certified Solution Architect

The amazon Web Service Solutions Architect is an advance knowledge in cloud computing, just as an architect designs a building an Amazon web service Architect design cloud computing. This certification helps individuals showcase their knowledge and skills in providing solutions to complex problems through the process of optimizing security, cost and performance. Cloud computing is at the fore front in the when it comes to Morden IT infrastructures. This certification serves as a leading role in designing cloud spaces, modern businesses are all going in for cloud spaces now. This certification can significantly boost your IT career.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert.

Very Similar to The amazon Web Service Solutions Architect, Microsoft Azure is also a major player when it comes to cloud services. This certification enhances your expertise in designing and implementing cloud computing solutions in the Microsoft Azure platform. This certification is recognised globally as it is certified by Microsoft, which can also boost your IT Career/

Investing in IT certifications is a strategic move to advance your career in the technology industry. Each certification mentioned in this article addresses a specific area of IT expertise, whether it's networking, security, cloud services, or project management. By earning these certifications, you not only enhance your skills but also make yourself a more attractive candidate to potential employers. As technology continues to evolve, staying certified will keep you ahead of the curve and en

sure you're well-equipped for the exciting opportunities that lie ahead in your IT career journey. With those Six IT Certificate to boost your career it’s very sure your resume will be outstanding when it comes too been an IT personnel

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