Apple Vision Pro. Apple Set to unveil new reality headset


Apple Vision Pro

The big Tech Giant Apple has finally unveiled a much-talked-about reality headset, the new Apple Vision Pro, in its hardware lunch
for over a decade

this was made known by Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook
revealed the seamless blends of the new headset which blends to gather the
latest trends and tech trends in the world.

The Tech Giant also made a pronouncement of its latest
operating system on iPhone and also updates on its MacBook Air.

The Apple headset comes with a whooping two-hour battery
life, for $3,499 which will be launched next week in the United States.

The headset is considered to be higher than other
headset in the market. We were also awarded how Meta made an announcement about
its Quest 3 – whose current market price is $499.

Although they have been so talking about the tech Giant on
their quest on generating an artificial intelligence system-based technology
which Apple has currently said nothing about, which has also resulted in the
company share price slightly falling, made known at the developer's conference
at the company’s headquarter in Cupertino, California.

Among some of the media outlet present during the conference
was BBC which was championed by technology editor Zoe Kleinman who was the
first person to try out the headset.

Since Apple was taken over by its current boss Tim Cook in
2011, except for the watch, apple has not been able to meet up with the
kind of world-class technology, “she said”.


“What to know about Ski Goggles”

The new apple vision pro looks different from similar headsets on the market and it's than it describes more lookalike with that of a pair of ski goggles than a
virtual reality headset.


Apple’s phrase “augment reality” really
describes the new Apple headset.

The word Augmented reality which typically means mixed
reality truly virtualizes objects in the world we see today, making us see
virtual reality just by looking through a screen.


According to Kleinman, “It’s just like your phone in front
of you, big, bold and bright, wherever you.

This innovation enables you to watch videos of you and your friends
blowing out birthday candles or deeply immersing yourselves in the beauty of
the photographs making photos look into reality.


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